Movable festival pavilion | Master studio project

Individual | 2013


Summerlabb is an initiative founded by Double2productions. It is a temporary exhibition that moves from festival to festival during to summer with all kinds of ecological innovative projects. Summerlabb tries to show young people that science is not boring.


So the design question was to develop a sustainable (looking), movable, flexible, curious making and cheap project. It was a really hard task to solve and fulfil all the wishes. The pavilion designed exist completely from reused materials like doors, planks and timber I-beams.


The pavilion is flexible in certain ways, it is like a large IKEA package. Each festival the owner can decide which parts to build and which not. Floors, columns, walls and the curtain wall are easy to construct on site. The largest version fits on 8 trucks.

The foundation of the pavilions is build up by caravan standards. These standards can hold up to 4000 kg and are very cheap.

With these standards it is possible to build a pavilion of two stories packed with people. The floor plates are put on top of these caravan feet. The plates are complex timer elements, build up by four timber I-beams, connected with underlayment  plates  to form a stiff  floor plate. Within the timber floor there are some chambers, in these chambers there is room for the telescope beams needed to hang the façade. The surface of the floors is curved, too transport rainwater to the sides.


The curtain wall that works as a skin around this building is made of wooden planks. The round shapes are there to make the building attractive from several angles and to prevent the forming of a certain direction. This neutrality is needed to place Sumerlabb on very various locations. The curtain also minimizes the modular appearance of the floor plates.

The façade is build up by 2.5 meter wide panels with a variable height. The height of the planks is adjustable. The round shape is gained by using flexible horizontal planks. On site the wall is shaped after the settings of the wooden beams in the floor package, while on transport these panels can lay fl at. The curtain wall gains its stiffness in a very simple way, the bolted connection can be tightened, and therefore make the façade stiff .

2015 © Patrick van Dodewaard