Bachelor graduation project

Multidisciplinary project| group of 7 | 2012


The design is about extending the Smalle Haven road and give it a worthy end. This is done by designing several squares and public spaces, each with a different character and proposed for a different visitor. The Schellens factory, a former textile factory forms the basis of the design solutions. History returns in every building in its own way. During the design process it was needed to integrate all demands of several disciplines in to one design. We succeeded in doing this, and it resulted in a very realistic master plan.




For the individual part I focussed on the façade of the Weef, the building with the brick panels. These panels are filled with click-brick. It is a reaction to all the floor-to-floor facades which dominate the current architecture of apartment housing in the Netherlands. It also helps out with the height differences with the old wall, the new building and the different functions in the building.

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