Graduation Research | individual | 2014

Part of the Graduation project 'Stacked Dutch'


It is no surprise anymore that the Dutch landscape is flat. Ask a foreigner and he will not only notice the flatness, he will notice that every square meter has a function. Everything in our build environment is planned, preferably as straight as possible. The rectangular agricultural plots in the polders make an inspiring composition which is unique in the world. Patrick Van Dodewaard achieved to review the Dutch landscape from a new perspective, and to combine the Dutch flatness and order into an object that defines an important ability of the Dutch; a clock.


The Dutch are on time, more general it can be stated that the Dutch are punctual. To illustrate their punctuality and to help foreign people a bit, Patrick Van Dodewaard designed a clock. The transparent clock is build up by pieces of Perspex to show the Dutch landscape, due its transparency it adjusts to the context, which is a common thing for the Dutch as well.


Time can be read by counting the highlighted plots in a smart way.  Do you know how late it is?




2015 © Patrick van Dodewaard