Smart tall wooden buildings

with Cross Laminated Timber | Paper

Individual | 2015


Tall buildings are key structures in the future urbanization of the world. The population growth and urbanization are projected to add 2.5 billion people to the world’s urban population by 2050. The CO2 emissions, partially caused by the building industry in large cities are alarming. It is the task of the building industry to house the urban population by designing more sustainable high-rise structures. Wood can partially be the answer towards more sustainable high-rise buildings. Since the introduction of Cross Laminated Timber it is possible to make large spans with wood, opening up the opportunity to make high rise structures with wood. Research proves that it is possible to build a building which is higher than 100 meters completely out of wood. Which can reduce the CO2 emission with 70%. The effect will be even larger if the CO2 storage capacity of wood is taken into account. An interesting development, however there are more possibilities which seem to be neglected by the CLT industry.


CLT is treated as prefabricated concrete, timber however, can be used to make much more advanced elements in a simple way, with better qualities regarding comfort and sustainability. Making wooden buildings with efficient material design kept in mind can really make a difference regarding sustainability. There is a need for alternative tall wooden structures which do not focus on building solely with CLT, but with various products and materials working together to form a convincing sustainable solution.


Keywords: High-rise timber buildings, wooden skyscrapers, CLT, Cross Laminated Timber, Material Efficiency


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