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Between 2011 and 2015 I was a member of the Chepos editorial team. This includes writing articles, apply layouts and making spelling/grammar checks for myself and the other team members. A very useful commission to develop writing skills, working in an organization and learning how to organize meetings.


The biggest achievement during my time at the editorial team was the redevelopment of the Chepos layout and trademark in 2013. At that time the readers thought the magazine was really unattractive.  Together with Taeke Offringa, we designed a complete new Chepos layout. The new layout focusses on graphical design and colours instead of pages filled with just text. Every Chepos has its large ‘File’ in the middle containing the main subject of the edition, this file is now accentuated by a colour which changes every Chepos. Our task was to develop a layout that can last for years with this new template layout, but should be a bit ductile for the editors. The introduced logo cube on the cover is one of the stabilizing factors without making the design too static.


Read the Chepos for free on Issuu here or buy a hardcopy in the Van Piere in Eindhoven.



























































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