P (Patrick) van Dodewaard

10 Juli 1991, Tiel, The Netherlands


I am Patrick, I have been studying architecture at  TU Eindhoven since 2009. When completed the bachelor in 2013 I decided to apply the double master program of Architecture and Structural Design, focusing on the integration of disciplines, this feels natural for me and I truly believe in an architecture which has a higher quality due to structural knowledge. I expect to graduate this double master at the beginning of 2016.


What I am good at: Working with Revit, Autocad, Photoshop and InDesign. Positive attitude, abstract and conceptual thinking, translating concepts to technical design solutions, leading groups, working under pressure, open minded, straight to the point, organized and a terrible football player...working on that one.






Relevant working experience:

Internship at René van Zuuk Architekten (2012)

Side job, Product & category management at Timo.nl (2012 – 2015)



TU Eindhoven:  Architecture Building & Planning

Mastertrack Architecture & mastertrack Structural Design,

2013 – early 2016 (expected)


TU Eindhoven: Bouwkunde

Bachelor, Architectuur & engineering

2009 – 2013


Lek & Linge Culemborg: VWO

Natuur & Techniek

2003 – 2009

Portolfio PDF (coming soon)

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